February 14, 2019

Smart Clean Row Cleaner Adjustment System

It’s easy to add Smart Clean to any planter or strip till bar.
Simply bolt our plumbing box to the tool bar and run air lines to the compressor!

  • Electronic Proportional Control valves automatically adjust to maintain desired psi
  • Can be set in 1% (lbs.) increments
  • App runs in background on your Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Robust Bluetooth signal allows control of row cleaners while riding alongside or behind planter.
  • System defaults back to last settings when power is cycled or connection is lost.
  • No bulky boxes or air lines in cab
  • Bi-Directional control option allows for pressurizing both sides of cylinder at same time. (Dual Valve only)

Add SC to bundle number
for cylinder mounting brackets (SC+BD1360)
Continuous duty 200 psi fast fill 12 volt 30 amp
SCCYL2X2 Smart Clean Cylinder
Plumbing box designed to mount on tool bar as a replacement for existing in-cab manual controls

The Smart Clean™ System makes manual row cleaner adjustments a thing of the past use your smart phone or tablet to raise lower your row cleaners.

4 ways to order Smart Clean

Single Valve with one directional control valve lets you set psi then select up down or float.

Dual valve with one directional control valve works same as single valve plus you can set psi on a second circuit to control air bags.

Dual valve with two directional control valves allows section control for left right or front gang back gang. Control each section independently.

Bi-directional uses two psi valves allowing you to set separate air psi on both sides of piston. This method gives best control and does not come with a directional control valve.