December 7, 2017

Anhydrous Sealer

Mounted Rigid to DMI or Blue Jet shank 15” Spading Closing wheels set at a slight angle are forced in the ground loosening and tilling directly behind the shank.

Customers like the way it seals the trench be- fore the anhydrous has a chance to escape. In addition, it does a better job in wetter soils than units with notched blades, and is less prone to erosion. Finally, it’s more economical and pro- ductive than some of the higher-priced models offered by our competitors.

It is designed for durability using the 15” 3/8’’ thick heat-treated Spading Closing Wheel with greaseable double tapered roller bearing hub with 3 lip seal.

Upon initial use some customers report they raised the implement to be sure NH3 was being applied due to its excellent sealing ability.