ELKTON, KY – Martin Industries, LLC, a leading supplier of planter attachments for no-till and minimum-till farming, today announced the introduction of three new products to its Martin-Till® lineup.

The new Martin-Till Smart Clean™ row cleaner adjustment system allows operators to adjust row cleaners and air bag pressure on the go with an easy-to-use smart phone app. With the Smart Clean system, there is no need to stop for time-consuming manual row cleaner adjustments when inclement weather or nightfall is looming on the horizon.

The second new addition to the Martin-Till product line is the company’s new dual unit-mounted fertilizer opener (UMO). Unlike competitive systems that merely spray nitrogen on top of the soil, the Martin-Till dual UMO allows growers to place their liquid nitrogen fertilizer precisely 2 5/8 inches on both sides of the row at seeding depth. Field trials and actual grower experience show that this practice is a proven way to improve emergence, stand development and yields.

Rounding out the latest additions to the Martin-Till lineup is the new Razor Wheel. Unlike other residue clearing wheels, the Razor Wheel can be installed to operate intertwined or in tandem offset. Regardless of the configuration, the Razor Wheel cuts cleanly through crop residue and cover crops to open the way for faster, more precise planting. And, like all Martin-Till products, the Razor Wheel comes with an ironclad one-year warranty.

In commenting on the new products, Martin Industries president Steve Martin stated, “These new products are the latest examples of our company’s 26-year commitment to no-till farming. Each of these new attachments is designed to save time and labor while maximizing the yield potential of corn, soybeans, cotton and other no-till crops.”

Martin Industries currently markets a full line of no-till and minimum-till planter attachments under the Martin-Till® Planting System brand name. The company’s product line includes row cleaners, fertilizer openers, seed firmers, spading closing wheels, anhydrous sealers, twisted drag chains and other planter attachments.

To see videos of Martin-Till products in action, follow the company on Facebook (Martin Industries LLC) and Twitter (@sm_martintill), or visit the Martin-Till YouTube channel.

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